Abu Dhabi City Tour

Full Day Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE is the seat of federal offices. Take in the beautifully landscaped
gardens and parks, nestling some of the luxurious cultural landmarks along with modern
skyscrapers of this fast-developing cosmopolis.

Set out on this full-day, guided city tour to acquaint yourself with Abu Dhabi’s iconic and best-kept secrets. Marvel at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s unrivaled splendor, indulge in retail therapy at Iranian Dates and Vegetable Market, and prepare for some creative snaps while passing through the Corniche, Emirates Palace Hotel, and Qasr Al Watan or Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum. Experience the city’s energetic pulse as you venture to Yas Island’s Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The tour winds up at the Heritage Village, which presents the traditional lifestyle in an atmospheric ambiance.
See the City’s Crown Jewels:
Journey through the dynamic heart of Abu Dhabi to tick off all of its legendary attractions! With an experienced and friendly guide, make a hassle-free visit to attractions as diverse and significant as the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque, whose immensity and attention-to-detail artistry are sure to blow you away, and Yas Island, famed for its endless leisure and heart-racing adventure options, including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
Shopping and Relaxed Drive-Through with Prized Moments:
This tour promises you moments that last a lifetime. So let your lens capture and treasure them as you enjoy a drive through some of the city’s must-sees, like the pristine Corniche, the opulent Emirates Palace Hotel, and the majestic Qasr Al Watan or the biggest-of-its-kind Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum (subject to your choice). Want to taste local dates or take home a one-off Emirati souvenir? A stop at the lively Iranian Dates and Vegetable Market will delight the shopaholic in you.
Visit Heritage Village:
As the tour culminates at the Heritage Village, you get the rare chance to revisit the modest Emirati past. This cultural spot recreates a charming fishing village with Bedouin-inspired tents, charming stone and palm-leaf dwellings, and a typical Arabic souk. Enter its shops selling spice, handmade soaps, etc., and appreciate the inimitable craftsmanship that goes into the making of the region’s traditional crafts, such as pottery and metalwork, as you explore the village.

Full Day Abu Dhabi City Tour Highlights

  • Cover all of Abu Dhabi’s best sights in a day with this full-day city tour.
  • Let your guide regale you and share some fascinating anecdotes on attractions that unfold before you along the way, such as the Corniche, Emirates Palace Hotel and Qasr Al Watan or Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum.
  • Stand in awe at the massiveness and majesty of the UAE’s largest mosque, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
  • Photography enthusiasts and thrill seekers are in for a treat, thanks to stops at the action-packed Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on Yas Island, Corniche, etc.
  • Enjoy the chance to wander around the vibrant Iranian Dates and Vegetable Market for a liberal dose of the Emirati trade scenario.
  • Step back in time as you enter the Heritage Village, showcasing the region’s age-old culture and traditions.
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off are included to ensure a seamless journey throughout.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: On every Friday Tour start in the afternoon. Pickup time for Friday is 1:00 PM.
Ladies and Men: Full (ankle-length) trousers, long sleeve (wrist-length) shirts/suits. Clothes can
be any color, no transparent clothing, no shorts, no beachwear as per Mosque manners.
Ladies: Wear a headscarf of any color (to cover the head).
We offer group bookings. You can find a perfect match of tour and activity for your group by
browsing through our website.

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Night City Tour Dubai

Night City Tour Dubai

See Dubai By Night is a must have experience with its luminescent style and relaxed,
contemporary vibe, Dubai at night is unquestionably the city for everyone.Dubai city tours are the best idea to get rid of monotonous routine work that makes your life dull and boring.We assure, you will have an exciting experience by visiting Dubai, whether you are on vacation with your family, on a business tour or for any other purpose. To make your trip a memorable, you need to hire a tour operator that can make your trip adventurous, sightseeing
and full of enjoyment in a very economical rate for your whole Dubai UAE.
Dubai is a city that never sleeps and as a Night Rider I will show you how Dubai becomes more lively and glamorous when the sun sets. If you have a layover or short stay in Dubai, this tour is designed for you. My extensive knowledge and experience has made me easy to customize tours for my guests depending on their interests.
Discover the spectacular nightlife of Dubai by starting at Zabeel palace, residence of the current ruler of Dubai. Explore the glitzy glamorous Dubai mall, the largest shopping mall and enjoy a mesmerizing Dubai fountain show with a fantastic view of the iconic lighthouse – Burj Khallifa.
Stop for a memorable photo at world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Alarab and continue to Souk Madinet Jumeirah, a replica of the old marketplace with traditional Middle Eastern style. Take a walk under sparkling lights at Dubai Marina and JBR walkways surrounded by skyscrapers.
Finally a photo stop at glittering marvels of architecture – Future Museum and Dubai Frame to end your tour at high light

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Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour 

Let our fully guided Classical Dubai City Tour take you through the city’s unrivaled new and charismatic old sights. Starting with the regal majesty of Zabeel Palace and ending at the pulsating Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai, this tour journeys you to the past, treats you with the most imposing Dubai views, and lets you indulge in the most incredible experiences like an abra ride along the Dubai Creek.


A Journey through Old and New: You can look forward to a captivating expedition that unravels the spellbinding blend of old and new in Dubai on this all-inclusive, guided tour. This brilliant fusion of classic and classy attractions guarantees an immersive experience that showcases the fascinating evolution of the city. The first stop allows you to witness the splendor of Zabeel Palace, the ruling family’s residence, before you head to capture the perfect snapshot of Dubai’s architectural gems, such as the Dubai Frame.

Go on an Abra Ride & Explore Old Dubai’s Timeless Charm

As the next part of the tour takes you to Old Dubai, you can set sail on an atmospheric abra ride, navigating the legendary Dubai Creek’s water. Experience the unpretentious beauty and simplicity of a bygone era at the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood (also known as Al Bastakiya Quarter) and further lose yourself in the compelling atmosphere of the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, where its narrow alleys and vivacious retail outlets offer a sensory delight of aromas, sights, and sounds.

Witness Up-Close Artistic Wonders and Iconic Landmarks

Transport yourself to the world of Islamic art masterpieces at the Islamic Art Centre. It is followed by soaking in the spectacular sights along the way, with photo ops at the enlightening Etihad Museum, the remarkable Jumeirah Mosque, and the energetic Pointe. You can also witness the unparalleled glory of Burj Al Arab, the palatial-like Al Qasr Hotel, and Atlantis, The Palm, set against the dazzling waters of the Arabian Gulf. Finally, find yourself at the heart of it all: the Dubai Mall, next to the towering Burj Khalifa.

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Dubai Creek:
It has played a major role in the development of Dubai. It is known to be a famous harbor.
Dubai Museum:
It is one of the main museums in Dubai. It gives a tribute to the cultural heritage of Dubai. Dubai
Museum is a must visit so that you can see the enlightening and colorful display of history. You
will get to know about the taste of old Dubai. It is a beautiful place to visit as it is very colorful so
of course, everyone likes to visit places full of colors.
Historical Bastakiya:
It is a historical district of Dubai. It holds memories of an era before the development of Dubai
before the discovery of modern Dubai. Iranians used to live here before. After that beautiful
homes were built here. If you are interested in knowing the history of old Dubai so you should
visit it for sure.
Burj Khalifa:
It is a famous skyscraper in Dubai. If you think of Dubai eighty percent of the times the place
which will click your mind will be Burj Khalifa. Everyone wishes to see the ground of Dubai with

a major height, so Burj Khalifa is the best building through which you can get this experience.
Jumeirah Mosque.
Sheikh Zayed Road:
It is a famous road in Dubai. Everyone who visits Dubai is always excited to visit this road as it is
covered with beautiful places.
Jumeirah Beach and Hotel:
It is a beach where white sand is spread all over the beach. The best place to relax and calm
yourself. If you want to enjoy the city trip tour and the beach fun to go to this place and get fun of
both of the activities.
Burj Al Arab Hotel:
Despite the fact that it is very expensive but at the same time, this hotel is worth spending for. It
is located in the main district. It is a luxurious hotel and is the fifth largest one. Whoever goes to
this hotel starts feeling like a king as guests there are treated in a royal style.
Palm Jumeirah:
It is a famous island and many other famous luxurious resorts are present here.
Atlantis the island is a luxury hotel located near Jumeirah Island in the UAE. It is the first resort
to be built Atlantis’ myths.
So this was the brief description of the places which are included in the Dubai City Tours and we
are pleased to inform you that all of these things are included in our deal of the Dubai City Tours.
Below is the site mentioned you can select the best package of your choice.
We offer group bookings. You can find a perfect match of tour and activity for your group by
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All Transfer will be on private basis
Maximum 6 persons in one car
Suitable for all age groups
Group booking also available on request
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Private Desert Safari Tour

Dubai Desert Safari is a must-do tour in Dubai. In this safari, you will experience the thrilling
drive in the Arabian Desert’s dunes, and enjoy a great BBQ Dinner over a live Belly dance
in a desert camp just outside the modern city of Dubai.

its the best tour for a group of friends or family because of the private transfer from your location to the deserts of Dubai. You can also book this tour if you are a couple or family or friends we’ll also provide you a discount if you are a couple or especially for children.

Activity Highlights

  1. Discover the adrenaline rush of dune bashing in our robust Land Cruiser.
  2. Embark on a traditional camel ride across the mesmerizing desert landscape.
  3. Revel in the fun of sand boarding on Dubai’s vast dunes.
  4. Savor a luxurious VIP dining experience amidst an authentic desert ambiance.
  5. Experience the rich culture through belly dance, Tanura dance, and fire show performances.

Pick up 03:00 PM to 03:30 PM
Drop off 09:00 PM
Days of operation: Daily